Sooke Midwifery is comprised of Uta Herold, RM. A midwife since 1981, she has been providing midwifery services to birthing families in Sooke, and the Westshore and Greater Victoria areas since 2007 and is proud to call Sooke her home.

Registered midwives are health care professionals specializing in primary care for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, and up to six weeks postpartum. Midwifery in BC is defined by provincial legislation and regulated by the College of Midwives of British Columbia. As such, their services are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan.

  • Midwives offer you the choice of where to labour and give birth. They have admitting privileges at their local hospital. Alternately, registered midwives are the only health professionals in BC that can legally attend home births.
  • Midwife appointments are usually between 30 - 45 minutes. These longer visits allow you ample time to ask questions, talk about your feelings and concerns, and develop a relationship with your midwife. All routine prenatal and postnatal tests are offered and available.
  • Midwives attend clients at home during the early stages of labour and if planned or desired, make the decision about when to move to hospital. After birth, midwives will usually do some of your appointments in the comfort of your home environment to help you establish breastfeeding and ensure that you and your baby are both thriving and well.
  • Midwives look to incorporate modern medical knowledge with traditional methods of dealing with pregnancies and birth. Several Canadian studies have found that births attended by midwives have significantly lower rates of obstetric intervention, such as episiotomies, cesarean sections, forceps deliveries and vacuum extractions.